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Louis J Fairweather
Washington, USA
Posted: 8/14/2010
There are better hotels in this neighborhood. Although we enjoyed our stay in Moscow and had no real complaints about the hotel - we already knew the city was expensive and our expectations were set to low - we stopped off one day to have a look at the Maxima Zarya Hotel just down the road. There was a real difference in the quality of the reception staff, and the public areas were much more attractive. The rates were about the same, so if we come back to Moscow, we'll probably try the Zarya.
Franz Boomgaarden
Frankfurt, Germany
Posted: 6/7/2010
If the rate is ok, then the Vostok is ok for Moscow. Far from luxury, but enough good to spend one night or two. Some of the staff speaks English, some doesn't. Rooms are quite small, but furniture is enough comfortable and new. Facilities are not so new, and one computer only can be used by guests. Still, it is cheap and it is easy to get to Red Square by metro. Only problem is at night coming from the metro it is very hard to find your way. Best to bring a torch.
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