Sample Reviews

Reading hotel reviews can be a great help when trying to plan your next trip to the Russian capital! Finding out about someone else's experiences, their recommendations and their rating of a hotel can help to ensure you make the right accommodation choice for yourself. So, want to write a Moscow hotel review but not sure where to begin? Well, here are some helpful tips to get you started!

What should I write?

Constructive reviews can help others to determine which hotels best suit their personal taste and requirements. As you have stayed at one or more of our featured hotels, you can now give other Moscow Hotels clients the benefit of your valuable insights. Tell others what you saw, what you liked and didn't like, how you were treated by hotel staff and whether you would recommend the hotel to others. Here are a few things to keep in mind while writing your review:

  • Keep your comments concise
  • Share your experiences and recommendations
  • Give specific details about what you liked about the hotel
  • Remember to rate the hotel (between 1 and 5) in the Rating field of the page

What have others said in their hotel reviews?

Here is a sample hotel review:

"We had a marvelous stay in Moscow at the Golden Ring Hotel. Wonderful interiors, very good service and some excellent dining too, must recommend the hotel's Esenin Restaurant for the blini and caviar and some exquisite salmon dishes. Very reasonably priced too for a luxury hotel. My only qualm was that the restaurant closed a little too early each evening."

Mr. and Mrs. Borthwick, Camberly, Surrey, UK

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