Universitetskaya Hotel

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Gyles Winthorpe
Cambridge, UK
Posted: 8/10/2010
The Universitetskaya Hotel is undoubtedly very convenient if you are visiting MGU (Moscow State University), which is less than 15 minutes' walk away. Otherwise, I can't imagine it's worth staying here, as it really does take a while to get into the city centre (90 minutes on one trip). Hotel itself was pretty old-school Soviet, although clean and with a reasonable restaurant. Staff are not guaranteed to speak English.
Frederic Richler
Quebec, Canda
Posted: 5/25/2010
Provided the rate is good when you book, the Universitetskaya is one of the few real budget hotels in Moscow. You pay low rates and you get very simple but clean accommodation. Moreover, unlike other hotels, they don't try to get you on the extras. For example, the restaurant offers some of the cheapest food we found in Moscow, and the standards were acceptable. The only thing you'll have to spend money on is the occasional taxi if you want to stay out in the evening, or if you don't feel like using the bus.