Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel

The Ulanskaya Hotel is within walking distance of the majority of Moscow's major downtown attractions, including Red Square and the Kremlin, though guests will probably prefer to take public transport. The major visitor attraction in the immediate vicinity of the Ulanskaya is the Church of the Archangel Gabriel at 15, Arkhangelskiy Pereulok, about ten minutes' walk from the hotel.

Better known as the Menshikov Tower – as it was built on the order of Peter the Great's confidant and advisor Prince Alexander Menshikov – this magnificent church dates back to 1707 and is the earliest and finest example of Petrine Baroque in Moscow. The church is only a few hundred meters from Chistye Prudy – the "Clean Ponds" - which also formed part of Menshikov's Moscow estates. He was responsible for cleaning up what had previously been a municipal dumping ground and turning it into a small lake that is still used for boating in summer and ice-skating in winter.

Among the more minor attractions near the Ulanskaya Hotel is the Moscow Museum of Folk Graphics at 10, M. Golovin Pereulok (five minutes' walk). This small museum is dedicated to the traditional Russian craft of 'lubok' engraving, and the collection contains traditional examples as well as works by celebrated Russian artists including Kazimir Malevich.

Major attractions

Moscow Kremlin

Distance:2.6 km
Taxi:The drive to the Kremlin requires about 15 minutes. Show driving route
Public transport:If you decide to take the metro to the Kremlin, the journey should take only a little over ten minutes. Enter Chistye Prudy Metro Station (about five minutes' walk from the hotel) and travel on the red line south for three stops. Exit at Biblioteka im. Lenina, which is situated next to the Kremlin’s main visitor entrance. Show transit route

Red Square

Distance:2.5 km
Taxi:You will need 10-15 minute to drive to Red Square from the Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel. Show driving route
Public transport:It takes around 15 minutes to reach Red Square from the Ulanskaya. From Chistye Prudy Metro Station, around 250 meters from the hotel, travel south two stops to Okhotny Ryad. As you exit, follow the signs to the entrance of Red Square. Show transit route

Bolshoi Theatre

Distance:2.4 kilometers
Taxi:When traveling by taxi, this trip takes 10-15 minutes. Show driving route
Public transport:If you're using public transport, you will need around 15 minutes to reach the theatre. Take the red line from Chistye Prudy Metro Station (five minutes' walk from the hotel) and travel south two stops to Okhotniy Ryad. Exit through the adjoining Teatralnaya Station, which will bring you on to Teatralnaya Ploshchad ("Theatre Square"), with the Bolshoi Theatre about 50 meters to your left. Show transit route