Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel

The Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel is located in the centre of Moscow, and is very convenient for several of Moscow's mainline railway stations, with Leningradsky, Kazansky, Yaroslavsky, and Kursky Stations all within ten minutes' drive.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is around 32 km from the hotel, and can be reached by car in 40-60 minutes. Vnukovo Airport is a similar distance from the Ulanskaya, while Domodedovo is nearly 50 km – or 90 minutes' drive – from the hotel.

Sheremetyevo Airport

Distance:32 kilometers
Taxi:It is about a 50-minute drive from Sheremetyevo to the Ulanskaya Hotel. Please note that during peak traffic hours the trip can take longer. Show driving route
Public transport:The Aeroexpress train from Sheremetyevo will bring you to the hotel in approximately one hour. Take the Aeroexpress, departing every thirty minutes, to Belarus Railway Station in the downtown. From here, board the brown circle line from Belorusskaya Metro Station and travel clockwise two stops to Prospekt Mira. Transfer to the orange line and head south two stops to Turgenevskaya. The Alliance Ulanskaya is around 250 meters from the metro. Show transit route

Domodedovo Airport

Distance:48 kilometers
Taxi:If traffic conditions are clear, this trip should take approximately 60 minutes. At times, with congested roads, the trip can take twice as long. Show driving route
Public transport:When using the Aeroexpress, allow about 1 hour 15 minutes to reach the hotel. Board the Aeroexpress train, departing approximately every 30 minutes, and travel from Domodedovo to Pavelets Railway Station. Head to Paveletskaya Metro, and travel north on the dark-green line one stop to Novokuznetskaya. Change to the orange line, travel north two stops to Turgenevskaya, and walk five minutes to the hotel. Show transit route

Vnukovo Airport

Distance:35 kilometers
Taxi:In good traffic conditions, the airport can be reached in 40-50 minutes. In peak-hour traffic, the journey can take well over an hour. Show driving route
Public transport:With Aeroexpress trains leaving Vnukovo every hour, this trip to the Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel should take just over an hour. Travel from the airport to the Kiev Railway Station on the Aeroexpress. From Kievskaya Metro Station, travel four stops clockwise on the brown circle line to Prospekt Mira and transfer to the orange line. Travel another two stops south to Turgenevskaya, and the hotel is about a five-minute walk from the station. Show transit route

Leningrad Station, Yaroslavl Station or Kazan Station

Distance:2 kilometers
Taxi:This drive will take just 5-10 minutes. Show driving route
Public transport:When traveling to the airport from any one of these station, allow 25 minutes. All three mainline stations are served by Komsomolskaya Metro Station. From there, travel south on the red line two stops to Chistye Prudy. The Alliance Ulanskaya is just five minutes away on foot. Show transit route

Kursk Station

Distance:3.5 kilometers
Taxi:From the Kursk Station, the hotel is 10-15 minutes away by car. Show driving route
Public transport:It is a 15-minute metro ride to the Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel. From the adjacent Chkalovskaya Metro Station, get the pale-green line north for one stop, exiting at Sretenskiy Bulvar. It is just over five minutes’ walk to the hotel from there. Show transit route

Belarus Station

Distance:6 kilometers
Taxi:Expect a drive of around 20 minutes from this station. Show driving route
Public transport:This trip generally requires just under 20 minutes. From Belorusskaya Metro Station, board the clockwise brown circle line and travel two stops to Prospekt Mira. Switch to the orange line and head south two stops to Turgenevskaya. The Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel is around 250 meters from the metro. Show transit route

Kiev Station

Distance:7.5 kilometers
Taxi:The Ulanskaya Hotel is 20-30 minutes away by car. Show driving route
Public transport:If you prefer to take public transportation, allow 25 minutes for the journey to the Alliance Ulanskaya Hotel. Enter Kievskaya Metro Station, take the dark-blue line and travel east two stops to Arbatskaya. Change to the red line and continue east three stops to Chistye Prudy, which is around five minutes' walk from the hotel. Show transit route