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Oksana Hotel

Nearest metro: VDNH

The Oksana hotel is located in north-east Moscow, right next to the large Elk Island national park. The area of Moscow where the Oksana Hotel is located is therefore much cleaner than much of the rest of the city. Yet the Oksana Hotel is also not far from the center, just 5 kilometers or so from the Garden Ring, and the main sights are easily accessible either on public transport or by car.

The Oksana Hotel is located 40-45 minutes by car from Sheremetyevo-1 and Sheremetyevo-2 airports. Other airports - Domodedovo, Vnukovo, and Bykovo - are slightly further away, and take approximately 1.5-2 hours to get to. The nearest stations - Leningrad, Kazan, Yaroslavl, and Savelov - are roughly 15 minutes away by car. Other stations - Kursk, Kiev, Paveletsk, Riga, and Belarus - are further away, and can be reached in about half an hour. The nearest metro station, VDNKh, is approximately 7 minutes walk away.

Local Sightseeing

Just 10 minutes walk from the Hotel Oksana is the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVTs in the Russian abbreviation), which until 1991 bore the slightly cumbersome title of Exhibitions of the Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR. Today the VVTs is Moscow's largest exhibition space, with hundreds of national and international exhibitions taking place there every year.

Not far from the VVTs is the Russian Academy of Sciences Main Botanical Gardens. The Gardens were laid out in 1945 on the former Ostankino Forest to mark the 200th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences. Today they are home to more than 20,000 sorts of plants. The herbaria contain the worlds largest collection, with more than 135,000.

Roughly 10 minutes walk from the hotel is the Astronautics Memorial Museum. The museum is housed in a building crowned with a rocket blasting off, and the exhibition hall is decorated to look like the inside of a spaceship. The museum contains more than 6,000 items, including spacesuits, astronaut food, and private items, documents, etc.

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