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Maxima Irbis Hotel

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Miriam Bertolini
Genoa, Italy
Posted: 8/16/2010
I am not sure why Soviets decide this is THE place for hotels - the address is "Hotel Street" in Russian and the neighbours are all hotels too. No problem, this is a good hotel. The staff were efficient, were mostly friendly. Design is very nice for 3-star hotel. Breakfast was excellent. Location is not an advantage, but metro is close by. It would be better if only some of those hotels was nice restaurants and shops.
Karen Plotnik
New York, USA
Posted: 6/3/2010
Nothing bad to say about the Maxima Irbis, a modern, good-value, 3-star hotel in a city where that's almost unheard of. The metro is reasonably close, and it's a fairly quick ride into the center of the city. One word of warning , though, it's well worth taking a taxi from the airport/station when you arrive. Although it's under ten minutes' walk to the metro, it is not easy to find the hotel first time, particularly if you don't speak Russian. Better to do your exploring and get your bearings once you've dropped your bags off. Otherwise highly recommended.