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Los Hotel

Nearest metro: Medvedkovo

The Los Hotel is situated in six hectares of parkland in the far north-east of Moscow, close to the Losiny Ostrov Nature Reserve. For those travelling by car, the hotel is easily accessed thanks to its proximity to the Moscow Ring Road. This also means that the Los is reasonably convenient for Moscow's airports. Public transport access, however, requires the use of buses.

The nearest metro station, Babushkinskaya, is around 2km from the hotel, and can be reached by bus or marshrutka minibus (both No. 605) in around 15 minutes. Located on the orange line, it is just over 20 minutes' ride to Kitai-Gorod, in the very centre of Moscow.

Sheremetyevo Airport is approximately 30 minutes' drive from the hotel, while Vnukovo and Domodedovo are both around 60km or 60-80 minutes' drive away.

Local Sightseeing

The main, in fact the only, visitor attraction near the Los Hotel is the Losiny Ostrov ("Elk Island") National Park. This 12,000 hectare park of mostly forest straddles the Moscow Ring Road and is the oldest nature reserve in Russia. Founded in 1983 on lands that had once been strictly reserved as hunting ground for Moscow's Princes and Tsars, the park boasts around 180 different species of bird, 40 species of mammal (including elk, beaver, wild boar, and otters) and over 600 types of tree. Only about a quarter of the park is open to the general public, but various excursions – including horseback tours – are available that take visitors further into the reserves protected zones.

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