Which visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

Kebur Palace Hotel

The area surrounding the Kebur Palace Hotel contains several of Moscow's most popular visitor attractions. Not only is the hotel within walking distance of the Kremlin and Red Square, it is also only a few minutes' walk from the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, which rivals the Hermitage in St. Petersburg as Russia's finest international art museum.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, clearly visible from several rooms in the Kebur Palace, is the most prominent sign of Moscow's post-communist regeneration. A vast neo-classical Orthodox cathedral, it was dynamited during Stalin's reign, and the modern version was completed in 1997 at a cost of over $360 million, a symbol of the church's renewed influence in modern Russia.

Gorky Park, the "Park of Culture and Leisure named after Maxim Gorky", is about ten minutes' walk from the hotel across the Moskva River. The 20th century collections of the Tretyakov Museum, which include several masterpieces of Russian avant-garde art, are housed in the House of Artists, in the northern part of the park.