Where can I eat near the hotel?

Kebur Palace Hotel

The Kebur Palace Hotel is located in the heart of Moscow so the neighbourhood is full of all kinds of cafes, pubs and restaurants.

53/6, Ulitsa Ostojenka
The multi floor Kasbar successfully combines a club and a restaurant into one venue. Diners can enjoy European, and especially Middle Eastern dishes on the first floor of the restaurant which is artfully decorated with Arabian touches, or on the green summer patio. Belly dancing entertains the restaurant’s guests in the evenings. The second floor features a club, the dark interiors of which combine Arabian touches like couches and pillows with an illuminated dance floor, disco balls, and DJs.

13, Prechistenskaya Embankment, Bldg. 1
The concept of this glamorous, international syndicate (other locations include Monte Carlo, Nice, and Lichtenstein) is "I Love meat!". The menu features meat dishes from different regions and includes the finest quality meat imported from over 20 nations. The decor is chic and the location on the Moskva River offers great views from the glass-covered veranda (windows open in the summer). Expect extremely high prices.