Which visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

Iris Congress Hotel

As the Iris Congress Hotel is in Moscow's northern outskirts, the city's major visitor attractions can only be accessed by public transport. The closest site of interest to visitors is probably the Russian Academy of Science's Botanical Garden, around 3km from the hotel. With 860 acres of parkland containing rare and exotic flora from throughout the world, it is the most extensive botanical garden in Russia.

The gardens form part of the historic Ostankino Estate, which also includes one of Moscow's finest historic mansions, and borders the VVTs exhibition centre, a Soviet-era park with spectacular pavilions in a variety of architectural styles, as well as fountains and sculptures including the famous Worker and Collective Farm-girl by Vera Mukhina. Nearby is the Cosmonautics Museum underneath the Monument to Space Exploration. The whole area is well worth exploring.