Where can I eat near the hotel?

Iris Congress Hotel

There are several places in the neighbourhood of the Iris Congress Hotel where its guests can try various kinds of cuisine.

Yaponskiy Dvorik
24B Petrozavodskaya Street
Part of a chain of Japanese restaurants that serve popular Russianized sushi, as well as more traditional Japanese cuisine inspired by their Japanese brand chef. The restaurants also offers Chinese cuisine, and it is even possible to get a pizza there. The cosy and comfortable atmosphere is extended to the terrace during the summer.

Shakh Dag
13 Taldomskaya Street
This restaurant is known for its rich and splendid interior design with soft leather furniture, silk curtains, dark antique cabinets, warm colours, soft lighting, comfortable armchairs and impressive decoration. Their menu it is a mix of European, Russian, Georgian, Japanese, Mexican and Italian cuisines.