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Julio Mendez
Cordoba, Argentina
Posted: 8/11/2010
First time I stay in Belgrade was in 1995, and I remember it was not bad. Return in this year, and nothing is different. This is bad. Do not stay in standard room as they are so old it is not possible to be comfortable. After one night I change to superior room which is better, but still not very clean. One surprise, the restaurant is very good and not pricey. Internet access is still problem, though.
Frank White
Brighton, UK
Posted: 6/27/2010
The good things about this hotel are the location, just of Arbat and a picturesque 30-minute walk to the Kremlin, and the fantastic views of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. If you're planning to spend most of your time out of the hotel and you can get a decent rate, then the location is worth it. Otherwise, the interior is just too depressing and service is almost non-existent.
Justin Lumley
Posted: 10/13/2005

Justin Lumley

I stayed here in December 2005. The staff are very professional and most of them can speak english. The room was basic but reasonably priced at E80 a night. The view of the ministry of foreign affairs outside the bedroom window was stunning. The location was very good - just at the end of the Arbat. The breakfast was a ripoff at E15. And it tasted really appalling too.
Robert Honse
Posted: 7/17/2002

Robert Honse

I stayed at the Belgrade from June 11 through June 17. Fantastic view. Moscow U. and Moscow river. I was on the 14th floor. Very professional and competent staff. I was never mistreated, and never waited more than a few minutes for service of any kind. I must say though, that I am not a demanding tourist. I would say the rate of 80$ was about right for the room I had. I would have preferred one large bed, but pushed the two twins together. Not as comfortable as one bed. If you want to treat yourself to an excellent dinner or breakfast, the 6th floor is where to go. However, if you are more budgeted there are many nice eateries in the Arbat which is 10 minutes walking distance from this hotel. Red Square about 40 minute walk. I like to walk and watch the local folks...and, I'll tell you, the Arbat is the place for people watching. 3 stars? Da, I agree. Would I go back? As a matter of fact I will be in Moscow in late September and I intend to check and see what the Belgrade has available and at what price...with one bed ;-)
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