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Christine Hamilton
Houston, USA
Posted: 8/1/2010
I was a little disappointed by the Aquarium Hotel. There's nothing wrong with it, and it certainly is the best place to stay if you are attending events at Crocus Expo - but make sure you book well in advance if you are. However, the construction and design of the hotel is nothing to get excited about, and the walls are very thin. So, if you aren't going to Crocus, I'd examine alternative options.
David McClough
Coventry, UK
Posted: 6/15/2010
I've heard some rude comments about the Aquarium, but that can only be from Crocus newbies who've never tried to get to an exhibition for 9am from the downtown. If the prices seem high, remember that demand is high for a good reason. The hotel is clean and the food is pretty decent. If you can, book a room with a riverside view - it's worth the extra expense as the rooms on the other side can be very gloomy.
Mr. Magri
Posted: 2/20/2009

Aquarium Hotel

I am not sure if you remember me, you booked the Aquarium Hotel for me a few weeks ago, just wanted to let you know the room was excellent and the service was pretty good. I have stayed in many different hotels in Russia so have a good idea what to expect for the price. In the evening the location is somewhat in the middle of nowhere but extremely handy for the Crocus exhibition.
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