Where can I eat near the hotel?

Akvarel Hotel

Located on the edge of a thriving commercial district, the President Hotel is within comfortable walking distance of several excellent eateries.


Godunov (5/1 Teatralnaya Ploshchad) offers extravagant Russian haute cuisine for well heeled theater-goers in extremely elegant premises next to the Bolshoy Theatre. Even more sumptuous is The Most (6/2 Ulitsa Kuznetskiy Most), serving expensive but superbly cooked French and Italian cuisine. Green Gourmet XO Club (30/7 Ulitsa Petrovka) is more expensive yet, but has a Michelin-starred menu that lives up to its prices.


It may be a little over-priced, but Bosco Cafe (3 Red Square) has tables right on Red Square, providing an unforgettable summer dining experience. Kitezh (23/10 Ulitsa Petrovka) is a charming traditional Russian restaurant.


If you wish to sample Azerbaijan's spicy culinary delights, Barashka (20/1 Ulitsa Petrovka) is a stylish and resonably priced cafe. Drevny Kitai (5/6 Kamergerski Pereulok) offers inexpensive but authentic Chinese cuisine that could be some of the best in central Moscow.

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