Rossiya Hotel

Address: 6, Ulitsa Varvarka, Moscow, 101435, Russia
Nearest metro: Kitay-gorod, Ploschad Revolyutsii
Rossiya Hotel in Moscow

Living right next-door to the Moscow Kremlin is now a privilege that every visitor to Moscow can afford!

The Rossiya Hotel, one of the world's largest, provides comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price - and in a just-about-unbeatable location. A popular choice for both business and leisure travellers, the Rossiya Hotel offers decent rooms and a good range of services just a stone's throw from the Kremlin. Located just off Red Square the Rossiya Hotel also has a wide choice of dining and entertainment - and of course is situated right by the country's largest concert venue, the Rossiya Concert Hall, so guests can catch a show while they are in town!