Why book with Moscow Hotels?

  • In-depth hotel information
  • Free visa support for all customers
  • Exclusive deals for groups and longer stays
  • Expert advice on accommodation and more
  • Ongoing customer support

At Moscow Hotels, we now offer you two ways to book accommodation in Moscow, giving our users the combined benefits of getting great online rates and instant confirmation from one of the world's most popular reservation systems, while still enjoying full support and advice from local experts. All our customers receive free visa support documents, and can contact us at any time by phone or email to ask our travel advisors questions about any aspect of travel in Moscow or anywhere else in Russia.

1. Book with Booking.com

Follow any link from our website to Booking.com and, provided you book accommodation in the same session, you and all the travelers you book for will be eligible for free visa support documents, whether you book at one hotel Moscow or at several properties across Russia. Booking.com currently offers booking at over 2 000 properties in Moscow, with rates guaranteed to be the best available online for the conditions offered.

Please note: Please be sure to read carefully the information here to ensure you qualify for free visa support documents.

2. Book directly with us

As well as comprehensive information on every aspect of each hotel we feature, Moscow Hotels offers honest, impartial reviews of our partners. As well as a full list of services and We do our best to keep the information on our site up-to-date, helping you to make the right choice for accommodation in Moscow.