Park Inn SADU Hotel

The Park Inn Sadu Hotel is located in one of Moscow's oldest areas, Zamoskvorechye - which translates as "across the Moscow River". The hotel is surrounded by historic buildings and places of interest that reflect Moscow's rich, almost 1000-year history.

Among the most famous is the State Tretyakov Gallery, one of Moscow's most popular visitor attractions, which is only about five minutes' walk from the hotel on Lavrushinskiy Pereulok. Tracing the history of Russian visual art from the earliest schools of Russian icon-painting to the flowering of Russian national art in the late 19th century, the Tretyakov is a superbly organized museum that provides a fascinating introduction to the history of Russian art for foreign visitors.

Also very close to the Park Inn Sadu, just opposite Polyanka Metro Station, is the beautiful 17th century Church of Grigoriy of Neo-Caesarea. A fine example of a traditional five-domed Orthodox parish church, it also has a striking bell tower.

Major attractions

Moscow Kremlin

Distance:2 km
On Foot:It takes a little over 20 minutes to reach the Kremlin on foot. Take a right out of the hotel and head up Bolshaya Polyanka Ulitsa. Cross the Vodootvodniy Canal as well as the Moskva River. Once you are in Borovitskaya Ploshchad, turn right onto Manezhnaya Ulitsa and the Kremlin entrance will be 200 meters down the street. Show walking route
Taxi:This drive requires 5-10 minutes in reasonable traffic. Show driving route
Public transport:By metro, it takes around 15 minutes to reach the Kremlin from the Park Inn Sadu. From Polyanka Metro Station (300 meters from the hotel), travel north on the grey line one stop to Borovitskaya. The visitor entrance to the Kremlin is under five minutes' walk from the metro. Show transit route

Red Square

Distance:1.8 km
On Foot:It takes around 20 minutes to walk to Red Square. Turn right out of the hotel up Ulitsa Bolshaya Polyanka to Kadashyovskaya Naberezhnaya. Take a right here and then a left onto Ulitsa Bolshaya Moskovoretskiy Most. Cross the Vodootvodniy Canal and the Moskva River, and continue ahead into Red Square. Show walking route
Taxi:It should take no more than ten minutes to reach Red Square by taxi. Show driving route
Public transport:By public transport, Red Square is 20 minutes away. From Polyanka Metro Station (around 300 meters from the hotel), take the grey line and travel one stop north to Borovitskaya. Change to the red line and travel for one more stop east to Okhotny Ryad. Follow the exit signs to Red Square, which is around 200 meters from the metro. Show transit route

Bolshoi Theatre

Distance:2.5 kilometers
Taxi:You will need around 15 minutes to drive to the theatre. Show driving route
Public transport:If you prefer to take the metro, allow 20 minutes to reach the Bolshoi. Travel from Polyanka Metro Station one stop north to Borovitskaya. Change to the red line and head east for one stop, exiting at Okhotniy Ryad. Exit via the interchange station, Teatralnaya, to emerge a few steps from the theatre. Show transit route