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Which visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

Park Inn SADU Hotel

The Park Inn Sadu Hotel is located in one of Moscow's oldest areas, Yakimanka, and a short walk from the Zamoskvareche district, famous for its historic churches.

The major attraction in the area is the State Tretyakov Gallery, one of Russia's most popular visitor attractions, is only about ten minutes' walk from the hotel on Lavrushinskiy Pereulok. Tracing the history of Russian visual art from the earliest schools of Russian icon-painting to the flowering of Russian national art in the late 19th century, the Tretyakov is a superbly organized museum that provides a fascinating introduction to the history of Russian art for foreign visitors. Its 20th century collections, which include several masterpieces of the Russian and early-Soviet avant garde, are displayed in the House of Artists, which is only slightly further from the Park Inn Sadu.

Also very close to the hotel, just opposite Polyanka Metro Station, is the beautiful 17th century Church of Grigoriy of Neo-Caesarea. A fine example of a traditional five-domed Orthodox parish church, it also has a striking bell tower.