Novotel Moscow Centre Hotel

The Novotel Moscow Centre Hotel is just outside the main downtown sightseeing area, but there are several second-string visitor attractions in the vicinity.

The striking church just beyond Novoslobodskaya Metro Station is the Church of St. Poemon, which dates back to 1702 and is fine example of the Russian style known as Naryshkin Baroque. It was also notable as the main Moscow church of the controversial Revisionist Church in the 1930s.

About ten minutes' walk from the Novotel Moscow Centre, guests will find the Central Armed Forces Museum, the official museum of the Soviet and Russian Army. Among the most prized museums are the huge collection of Nazi banners and insignia seized during the Second World War, parts of the wreckage of the U2 spyplane flown by Gary Powers, and a wealth of Soviet-era hardware in the park behind the museum.

Slightly closer to the hotel is the Central Museum of the Interior Ministry. The museum's exhibits include documents, military medals, photographs, and personal memorabilia belonging to major figures in the history of law enforcement in Russia.

Major attractions

Moscow Kremlin

Distance:5 km
Taxi:If you decide to take a taxi to the Kremlin, allow 20 minutes. Show driving route
Public transport:By public transport, this trip will take under 15 minutes. Enter Mendeleevskaya Metro Station, next to the Novotel, and take the grey line south for three stops to Borovitskaya, which is around five minutes' walk from the main visitor entrance to the Kremlin. Show transit route

Red Square

Distance:4.5 km
Taxi:This drive takes 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic. Show driving route
Public transport:A 20-minute metro ride will bring you to Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral. From Mendeleevskaya Metro Station, travel on the grey line for two stops south to Chekhovskaya. Change there to the green line and continue south one stop to Teatralnaya, which is about 300 meters from Red Square. Show transit route

Bolshoi Theatre

Distance:4 kilometers
Taxi:The Bolshoi Theatre is 15-20 minutes from the Novotel by car. Show driving route
Public transport:If you prefer to use the metro to reach the theatre, the trip will take under 20 minutes. From Mendeleevskaya, travel south on the gray line two stops to Chekhovskaya. Change to the dark-green line and continue south one stop to Teatralnaya, which is only 50 meters from the Bolshoi. Show transit route