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Where can I eat near the hotel?

Katerina City Hotel

Thanks to the fact to the Katerina City Hotel is located in the very center of the city there are many different places to dine in the neighbourhood.

City Space Bar & Lounge
52, Kosmodamianskaya Embankment, Bldg. 6
With its location on the 34th floor of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Hotel, this glass-walled establishment boasts panoramic views of Moscow. The modern decor of the interior is extremely chic, as are the food offerings, which combine European and Japanese elements. More of a place for drinks, many of which are specialty cocktails prepared by staff mixologists. One should Expect high prices.

6/13, Ulitsa Zatsepsky Val
This Moscow sushi cafe is located in a freestanding, futuristic looking, glass building, the interior of which carries the hi-tech theme with simple red, black, and gray touches. The menu is made up mostly of sushi and Japanese dishes, including an original black caviar roll and the Ginger cocktail made with plum wine and sake. The cafe offers an Italian menu as well.

Reka Vremeni (River of Time)
77, Sadovnicheskaya Embankment
As its name suggests, this Moscow restaurant is themed around time. The somewhat tacky interior is decorated with figures that reference historical times and characters. The menu consists of some interesting European and Russian dishes including soups, salads, meat and seafood entrees, pasta, and desserts. There is a summer terrace, live music, and karaoke.