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How do I get to the hotel from Domodedovo Airport?

Katerina City Hotel

It is about 45 km from Domodedovo Airport to the Katerina City Hotel. The Aeroexpress rail link provides a convenient public transport link to the city center, and at peak times is often faster than the admittedly more comfortable option of booking a transfer or taking a taxi.

By taxi
It can take at least one hour and sometimes over an hour and a half to get from Domodedovo to the Katerina City Hotel by car. Official airport taxis currently cost either $50 or $70 (depending on the size and type of car). For extra comfort, you can order a transfer with a driver to meet your flight here.

By train
Aeroexpress trains run from Domodedovo to Pavelets Rail Station daily from 6am to 12am every half-hour. The journey takes 40-50 minutes, and standard adult tickets cost a little over $10, with discounted tickets available for small children and families. The Pavelets Rail Station, where the train arrives, is around 600 m from the hotel.

By bus
Buses run from the between exits 2 and 3 of the Domodedovo terminal building to Domodedovskaya Metro Station in the south-west of Moscow. There is a regular bus service running every 1five minutes from 6am to 12am daily. Tickets costs around $4, and the trip to the metro takes 25-30 minutes. There is also a faster marshrutka minibus shuttle service that costs about $5 and also runs every five minutes with less frequent service throughout the night. From Domodedovskaya, travel north on the dark-green line seven stops to Paveletskaya which is only a 5 minute walk from the hotel.