Meeting Facilities

Izmailovo Delta Hotel

The Congress Centre shared between the Izmailovo Gamma and Izmailovo Delta Hotels is a huge facility offering 16 conference halls and meeting rooms, all well equipped and reasonably priced, with simple, functional decor and furnishings. As well as standard conferencing facilities, the Izmailovo Delta can also boast a 600-square-meter showroom ideal for exhibitions of trade fairs, and a large outdoor space that can be used for a varierty of purposes.

Conference Halls

The Izmailovo Delta's main conference space is this large theatre which features a small stage with podium and lectern, and rows of fixed seating. Recently refitted, the interior is simple and pleasant, featuring mostly natural wood. The Moscow Conference Hall can also be divided into two parts for a range of different integrated events. More details ›››
Square: 390 m2
Maximum capacity: 450 people
The Moscow I is a 194-square meter conference hall created by dividing Moscow - the Izmailovo Delta's main conferencing venue in half with soundproof partitioning. The result is a theatre-style, fixed-seating space with reasonable technical amenities and pleasantly neutral decor that can seat up to 200 people. More details ›››
Square: 194 m2
Maximum capacity: 200 people
Divided in half using a soundproof partition, the Izmailovo Delta's main Moscow Conference Hall forms two smaller meeting venues. The Moscow II is a 194-square-meter theatre-style venue for presentations and conferencing for up to 180 people. The hall features good audiovisual facilities and is decorated in pleasantly neutral tones. More details ›››
Square: 194 m2
Maximum capacity: 180 people
Part of the Izmailovo Delta's third-floor conferencing facilities, the Suzdal is a futuristic-looking and well equipped meeting space with good technical facilities and flexible seating for up to 180 people, making it well suited to all types of mid-size presentation and conferencing. More details ›››
Square: 130 m2
Maximum capacity: 180 people
On the third floor of the Izmailovo Delta Hotel, the Rostov is a spacious and brightly lit transformer hall with good technical capabilities and flexible seating. Simply but attractively decorated, the Rostov can host conferencing and presentations for up to 200 people, and can also be divided into two smaller spaces for a variety of integrated events. More details ›››
Square: 164 m2
Maximum capacity: 200 people
Created by dividing the third-floor Rostov Conference Hall into two spaces using soundproof partitioning, the Rostov I is a well equipped and pleasantly decorated meeting space with flexible seating for up to 100 guests. It can be used as a standalone venue, or in conjunction with the smaller Rostov II for integrated events. More details ›››
Square: 94 m2
Maximum capacity: 100 people
This 70-square-meter meeting space on the third floor of the Izmailovo Delta can be used as a standalone venue for smaller conferencing events, seminar, and training sessions, with flexible seating and a fair range of audiovisual facilities. The Rostov II can also be used as a break-out space or support venue for events in the larger, adjoining Rostov I. More details ›››
Square: 70 m2
Maximum capacity: 50 people
This bright, airy meeting space has an original and harmonious design, with high ceilings and plenty of natural light. Well equipped technically and fitted with ergonomic, flexible furniture, the Uglich can be used for a variety of business events, including training sessions and larger roundtable events. More details ›››
Square: 80 m2
Maximum capacity: 70 people

Meeting Rooms

The Izmailovo Delta's Meeting Room is a cozy and ergonomic space for private business meetings for up to eight people. In effect, it provides you with an office away from home, with a full range of office equipment and comfortable furnishings. More details ›››
Square: 16 m2
Maximum capacity: 8 people