Moscow Hotels Classification System

While all hotels in Moscow claim a specific number of stars, there is no reliable, universal system of classification in operation. This can often lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment. For the benefit of our customers, we at Moscow Hotels have devised our own classifications for our partner hotels, taking into account a full range of factors including quality of accommodation, range of amenities, standards of service, atmosphere and prices. We have drawn both on our own experience, and on the feedback we get from our customers. Below you will find a brief outline of what you can expect from each category of hotel.

Luxury Hotels

Our featured Luxury Hotels are world-class 5-star hotels with a full range of business and leisure amenities, including high class conference and meeting facilities, extensive fitness and leisure facilities, and full and professional concierge services. Luxury Hotels will offer accommodation that is not only well equipped technically, but also decorated and furnished in a sumptuous individual style, with a high level of attention to detail, and exclusive antique or designer furniture. In-room amenities should include Wi-Fi Internet access. Hotels of this class are guaranteed to offer the highest levels of customer service. Luxury Hotels are guaranteed to offer the highest levels of customer service. Luxury Hotels are either Historic Moscow Hotels or Moscow branches of well known international brands at the very top of the hotel market.

Deluxe Hotels

Deluxe Hotels in Moscow are executive standard 4-star or 5-star hotels that, while not quite offering the heights of luxury that customers can expect from Luxury Hotels, do provide a very high level of service and comfort. Deluxe Hotels must have accommodation that is stylish, spacious and technically well equipped, with Wi-Fi or hi-speed internet access. Conferencing, and sports facilities must be of a very high quality. These hotels should also offer a full range of concierge services, superior on-site dining options, and a full range of services and amenities for business travelers. Hotels of this class may be branches of international chains or top-level Russian-owned hotels, including boutique hotels. Deluxe Hotels must be centrally situated.

Superior Hotels

Moscow's Superior Hotels offer a high standard of accommodation and service that conforms to international 4-star ratings. Hotels of this class are often large international brand hotels, with familiar and guaranteed levels of comfort and ranges of facilities, but the category also includes some smaller hotels that, while they may be lacking in certain amenities, have exceptional atmosphere and character. In-room amenities must include hi-speed Internet access. These hotels must have at the very least a basic range of fitness, business, conferencing, concierge and dining facilities, and should have excellent facilities in the majority of those areas. If Superior Hotels are not centrally located, then they must have good transport links to downtown Moscow.

Standard Hotels

Conforming to international 3-star standards, Standard Hotels are guaranteed to provide clean, comfortable accommodation with modern furniture and fittings. Amenities in-room must include television with satellite or cable channels, telephone with international dialing, and Internet access. Hotels of this class are not guaranteed to have conferencing or fitness facilities, but should provide some on-site dining and some basic services for business travelers. Basic concierge services must also be available, and reception staff are guaranteed to speak English. These hotels include some members of international chains, and many new or fully renovated Russian hotels. Standard Hotels are rarely central, but should be located close to a metro station.

Tourist Class Hotels

Tourist Class covers Moscow hotels which offer clean, comfortable accommodation at relatively reasonable prices, and little more. Often built in the Soviet period, hotels of this class may not be fully renovated, and are unlikely to offer more than the most basic range of concierge and business facilities. On-site dining will be very basic. In-room amenities must include telephone and television, but may not include access to international dialing or anything other than Russian-language local channels. In-room internet access is not guaranteed. Representing the cheapest accommodation widely available in Moscow, Tourist Class Hotels conform to international 2-star standards, and are likely to be situated in modern buildings in the suburbs.

Budget Hotels

Few and far between in Moscow, Budget Hotels offer genuinely low-cost accommodation - which, in Moscow terms, means less than $100 per night. The few hotels that we have been able to find in this category are mostly far from the city center, and accessing them may require overland public transport. While hotels of this class are guaranteed to offer clean, separate accommodation of a western hostel standard, there is no guarantee that they will offer any more than the most basic furniture. Bathrooms may be shared with other guests. Staff may speak very little English, although they should be able to check you in and answer basic queries. Beyond that, no services are guaranteed.