Which visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

D' Hotel

The All-Russian Exhibition Centre ("VVTs" or "VDNKh" as is still often referred to by Muscovites) dates back to the 1930s, and was planned as a platform to exhibit the wonders of Soviet industry and agriculture to residents of the capital and foreign visitors. Built over several decades, it features numerous beautiful pavilions in a variety of styles (though Stalinist neoclassicism certainly dominates), as well as broad alleys and green spaces with fountains and monuments, the most famous of which is probably the "Worker and Collective Farm-Girl" by Vera Mukhina.

In front of the entrance to VVTs is the soaring, titanium-clad space obelisk (the "Monument to the Conquerors of Space"), underneath which is housed the Cosmonautics Memorial Museum, which has numerous interesting exhibits charting the Soviet side of the Space Race.

To the west of the VVTs, about 15 minutes' walk from the D'Hotel, lies Ostankino Park, once the estates of the influential Sheremetev family, which is home to a beautiful neoclassical palace that is, unusually, made entirely of wood, and which houses a museum devoted to the decorative arts. Also in the park are a charming 17th century church and the stage of the famous Sheremetev serf theatre, which is still used for classical concerts in the summer. On the way to the park, guests will pass the Ostankino TV Tower, one of Moscow's most famous pieces of modern architecture, which dominates the skyline in this part of the city.
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