Where can I eat near the hotel?

D' Hotel

The best restaurants to be found near the D'Hotel are those on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

Building 359, All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVTs), 119, Prospekt Mira
One of only two restaurants in Moscow to specialize in Belorussian cuisine which, although similar to Russian, has some unique and tasty specialities that are worth trying, especially draniki, pancakes of shredded potato served with sour cream and cold cuts. The interior is simply designed to echo a rustic, country style. Outdoors features a nice area during good weather. Prices are reasonable and the portions are hearty.

Pavilion 68, All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVTs), 119, Prospekt Mira
Named after a type of Armenian brandy that was supposedly a hit with Winston Churchill at the Conference of Yalta, this moderately priced restaurant is an excellent introduction to the cuisine of Armenia, offering a wide range of grilled meats and rich and spicy vegetable dishes, as well as the "cognac", which is actually very drinkable.
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