Belgrad Hotel

The most striking landmark near the Belgrad Hotel is undeoubtedly the towering neo-gothic skyscraper of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, across the road from the hotel. One of the "Seven Sisters", the skyscrapers built after World War Two as symbols of the Soviet Unions victorious spirit, the Ministry was completed in 1953 and stands at 172 meters. From the upper floors of the Hotel Belgrad, you also have great views of another of the "sisters" - theHotel Ukraina (now the Radisson Royal Hotel), which is just across the Moskva River.

The Belgrad Hotel stands at the western end of Ulitsa Arbat, long celebrated as the hear of bohemian Moscow, its cafes historically frequented by the capital's literary, theatrical and academic greats. The street was pedestrianized in the early 1980s and soom became the city's most active street, attracting young Muscovites and tourists alike. Its myriad cafes, souvenir stalls and street performers continue to make it one of the most lively and interesting areas of the city. Within short walking distance of the hotel along Ulitsa Arbat, visitors can find museums dedicated to Alexander Pushkin, Russia's beloved Romantic poet, the great Symbolist writer Andrei Bely and the revolutionary composer Alexander Scriabin, who spent the last few years of his life living on a small street just off Arbat.

Major attractions

Moscow Kremlin

Distance:2.5 kilometers
Taxi:10 - 15 minutes Show driving route
Public transport:To reach the Kremlin in around 15 minutes by public transport, take the metro from Smolenskaya (the pale-blue line station just north of the Hotel Belgrad) and travel two stops east to Aleksandrovsky Sad. The main visitor entrance to the Kremlin is under five minutes' walk from the station. Show transit route

Red Square

Distance:3.3 kilometers
Taxi:10 - 15 minutes Show driving route
Public transport:It will take less than 20 minutes to reach Red Square by metro. From Smolenskaya Metro Station (dark-blue line, across the Garden Ring from the hotel), travel two stops east to Ploshchad Revolyutsii. On exiting the metro, turn left across Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Revolution Square). After about 100 meters you will see to your left the medieval Resurrection Gate, which leads onto the northern end of Red Square. Show transit route

Bolshoi Theatre

Distance:4 kilometers
Taxi:15 minutes Show driving route
Public transport:The trip to the Bolshoi from the Hotel Belgrad takes only 20 minutes by metro and, considering the risk of chronic traffic congestion at evening rush hour, the metro is generally the safest option if you're going to the theatre for an evening performance. From Smolenskaya Metro Station (in the courtyard across the Garden Ring from the hotel), travel east on the dark-blue line two stops to Ploshchad Revolyutsii. Exit via the interchange station Teatralnaya, and the Bolshoi is only a few steps away. Show transit route