Which visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

Art Hotel

The Art Hotel is situated in a secluded area of northern Moscow, some distance from the majority of Moscow's major sights and attractions. The area around the hotel has several small parks, and also a few sites of interest to sports fans.

Right next to the hotel is the new stadium (completed 2013) for FC CSKA, currently Moscow's top football team and winners of the 2005 UEFA Cup. Dinamo FC, a team with an equally illustrious history but less current success, also has their home ground within walking distance of the hotel, while about 1km south of the Art Hotel stands Moscow's Central Hippodrome, of more interest for its ornate architecture than the mostly very moderate horse races that are held there.

On the way to Sokol Metro from the hotel, guests will be unable to miss Triumph-Palace, Europe's tallest residential building (and the tallest skyscraper on the continent for a couple of years, although superseded by three other Moscow developments in quick succession). Modeled on the famous Stalinist neo-gothic skyscrapers known as the Seven Sisters, it is a towering architectural oddity.
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