Aerostar Hotel

Although the Aerostar is fairly close to Moscow's historic downtown, there are few visitor attractions in the area. Opposite the Aerostar Hotel, the Petrovsky Travelling Palace is a magnificent neo-gothic built in the 1770s on the order of Catherine the Great in celebration of victory in Russo-Turkish War of 1768-1774. It has recently been renovated and turned into the 5-star Petroff Palace Hotel.

Only a few minutes' walk from the hotel is Dinamo Stadium, home to Moscow's oldest football team. It's museum is likely to be of interest only to Russian-speaking football fans.

2.5 kilometers from the hotel, at 8 Ulitsa Rozanova, is the Imperial Russian Ballet Theater, founder in 1994 by the legendary Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. The theater's company comprises 40 dancers from Russia's best ballet schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Perm. The company's repertoire comprises favorite ballet classics and more modern productions.

5-10 minutes' walk from the Aerostar Hotel is the Aviation and Space Exploration History Museum. The museum's eight rooms are home to various materials - some of them rare - chronicling the growth of aviation and space technology in Russia. The museum's collections hold 1,200 items, about 12,500 literary sources, and more than 30,000 photographs and negatives.

Major attractions

Moscow Kremlin

Distance:7 kilometers
Taxi:15 – 25 minutes Show driving route
Public transport:You will need about 30 minutes to get to the Kremlin. Walk to Dinamo Metro Station (around 500 meters) and take the dark-green line south three stops to Tverskaya. Change to the grey line and continue south one stop to Borovitskaya. From there it is around five minutes' walk to the main visitor entrance of the Kremlin in the Kutafya Tower. Show transit route

Red Square

Distance:7 kilometers
Taxi:15 – 25 minutes Show driving route
Public transport:Red Square is 25 minutes away by metro. Take the dark green Zamoskvoretskaya metro line from Dinamo Metro Station (about eight minutes' walk from the Aerostar Hotel) and travel four stops to Teatralnaya. Exit the metro via Ploshchad Revolyutsii Station to emerge less than 100 m from the entrance to Red Square via the Resurrection Gate. Show transit route

Bolshoi Theatre

Distance:6 kilometers
Taxi:15 – 20 minutes Show driving route
Public transport:The trip will take just over 20 minutes. Walk around 500 m to Dinamo Metro Station and travel south on the dark-green line four stops to Teatralnaya. The theatre is less than two minutes' walk from the metro station. Show transit route