Visa Service Agreement

The following terms and conditions govern the provision of visa support documents by Moscow Hotels, JSC. Moscow Hotels, JSC (hereinafter "Moscow Hotels"), is closed joint-stock company established and operating under the laws of the Russian Federation, registration number 1037835005504.

Please read the following carefully. By submitting a request for visa support documents through (hereinafter "the Website"), you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions shall be considered a binding contract between you, the customer, and Moscow Hotels.

1. Moscow Hotels undertakes to provide visa support documents, namely a valid Tourist Voucher and Tourist Confirmation (hereinafter "Visa Support Documents") for all travelers for whom accommodation is booked through the Website. In order to receive visa support documents, you must fill out the Visa Request form ( for each traveler who requires a Russian visa.

2. Visa Support Documents are part of the documentation necessary to apply for a Russian Tourist Visa. They are not a visa, they do not secure entry to the Russian Federation, and nor do they guarantee the issue of a Russian visa.

3. A Russian Tourist Visa can only be granted for periods of time for which accommodation is pre-booked in the Russian Federation. Moscow Hotels can only provide visa support documents for the period for which you have booked hotel accommodation through the Website.

4. A Russian Tourist Visa can be valid for any period up to 28 days. Moscow Hotels cannot provide visa support for stays in the Russian Federation of over 28 days or for any type of Russian visa other than a single-entry Tourist Visa.

5. Moscow Hotels accepts no liability for the success or failure of your visa application, which is entirely at the discretion of Russian consular missions, and shall not in any circumstances be liable for damages or costs howsoever connected with your failure to obtain a Russian visa, with delays in obtaining a Russian visa, or with any other difficulties connected with your entrance into or exit from the Russian Federation.

6. In order to obtain Visa Support Documents, you will need to submit full details, including passport information, for each traveler for whom accommodation is being booked. Moscow Hotels accepts no liability for incorrect information submitted by you, or for any problems that may arise as a result of such incorrect information.

7. All Russian Visas have to be registered with immigration services within three working days of your arrival in Russia. The responsibility for your timely registration lies with you and the organization providing your accommodation in Russia, in other words your hotel. We urge you to ensure that you are registered as soon as possible after your arrival in the Russian Federation.

8. Moscow Hotels provides visa support documents free-of-charge. However, if you cancel your accommodation booking after we have processed your visa support documents, a penalty charge of $35 will be drawn on your credit card for each set of visa support documents issued.

9. Moscow Hotels issues visa support documents in the form of a faxed copy. Some Russian consular departments may require the original documents. If this is the case, please contact the Moscow Hotels Customer Services team by telephone (+7 (812) 303-8647), fax (+7 (812) 303-8648), or email (, to see if we can help you.

10. Moscow Hotels will normally issue visa support documents once your hotel booking has been confirmed. If you are booking late and require visa support documents more urgently, please contact the Moscow Hotels Customer Services team by telephone (+7 (812) 303-8647), fax (+7 (812) 303-8648), or email (, to see if we can help you.